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COVID-19 Guidelines for clubs holding events/drives
Update 3rd June, 2020

Federal Council have developed a Bio security form (see attached file) that must be filled out by all attendees, drivers, grooms, volunteers at all club organised events. Please keep these forms a minimum of 2 months. Organisers need to make themselves aware of all current state and local government regulations.
It is strongly suggested that guidelines are followed and templates are used from the attached ...websites. Remember that the government is tracing all cases of COVID 19 so if a case is traced back to one of our events we need to show that we have tried to do everything we can to ensure the safety of all persons attending. I know most of our initial gatherings will seem pretty harmless social drives etc, but as restrictions ease and we start using venues we will need to be very careful. Nobody wants to be responsible for an outbreak, I work at a nursing home and this has kept me on the straight and narrow because I know if I catch this virus and take it back to my work I know it will kill people, nobody wants to be responsible for that, and we all know vulnerable people.
The following NSW Government website has everything you can and can’t do in NSW.
The following Sport Australia website has information, checklists, a safety plan and printable posters and safety information. The simplified checklist could be adapted for our activities and the safety posters and information could be put up around venues.
Note: Clubs are allowed to have combined events and overnight stays as long as it is within State & Local Council rules.

Peter Dunn
State President

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At the first AGM held in November 1981 a new ACDS Constitution was voted in and the

ACDS moved from being one club to a National Body of clubs. Committees from New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland were formed and the delegates to the ACDS Council were; NSW Mrs Sue Ryan, Mr Peter McIntyre. Vic Mr Michael Thill, Mr Noel Morris. Qld Mr Neville Lindley, Mr Sel Hewitt. The first levy to members was introduced in 1982-1983 at $2.00 for individual members and $4.00 for family membership.

Our Patron is HRH Prince Philip who was a special guest at the Bi Centennial Carriage Driving Championships in Canberra in 1988.

updated 14th September 2020


IMPORTANT !  Club Secretaries  Always submit proposed Event calendar dates to the Calendar Coordinator Tracey Ellis
[email protected] or

 0402854696 to avoid clashes with other events, particularly similar nearby or close interstate events. 

Please send dates to  before the 20th of the month

 to be included on the website and in the Whip a Around