YOUNG DRIVER COORDINATOR 2017                                              

Junior Driver Report for AGM Bathurst 17th June 2017


It is great to see members of juniors increasing as grooms and drivers at endurance events throughout the year .They take a great interest and are very competitive in such events.Thank you to the senior members who provide horses and ponies and their time for the juniors.Many junior drivers are competing in show and combined driving activities.Don’t forget the junior drivers challenge to be held at Rossmore on 27th August conducted by the Hills ad Camden clubs.Many of our junior drivers are also competing in mini trotting.


Could clubs please contact me in regards to holiday training days for the juniors for their area.I am open to suggestions from interested clubs.I would like to also receive news items from other clubs about junior driving activities .


Robert Allport

Junior Driver Coordinator

Young Carriage Drivers Australia

That the minimum age for driving at ACDS activities be as below: 

Applicable to all ACDS driving activities excluding Combined Driving Events (Level 1-4) 

Junior definition a person who has not attained the age of 18 years 

Youngest driving age (Single horse or pony) 

A Junior driver aged 6-10 years inclusive must be accompanied in the vehicle by an ACDS adult member (an experienced driving person) seated alongside at all times and holding a second pair of reins attached to the bit. 

Additional restrictions 

A Junior driver aged 11-15 years inclusive must be accompanied in the vehicle by a ACDS adult member (an experienced driving person) 

Stallions Junior drivers who are 16-17 years of age may be allowed to drive stallions at ACDS show events at the discretion of the organisers. 

Multiples Junior Multiple drivers – a Junior driver aged 16-17 years inclusive may drive a pair or tandem of ponies, but not horses or a larger combination.

CDE  - groom: 10yo - singles, 14 yo - multiples

CDE - driving: 12yo - singles, 16yo - pony multiples, 18yo - horse multiples

All junior persons (being under 18 years of age) driving or riding in a carriage must wear protective head gear, designed for equestrian use, whilst at an ACDS activity - effective 6th November, 2010.